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QD Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets If You Are Kitchen Remodeling

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Are you tired of opening up the same kitchen cabinets, every single day? Although many homeowners love their kitchens, including their kitchen cabinets, there are some who are looking for a change.

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DDW De-Clutter for Clarity

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Whether you are selling your house, moving into a smaller space or just trying to make better use of the space you have, you could probably stand to de-clutter your life. It’s one of the main points of staging a home, and while many people choose to hide their stuff for the sale and then drag it to the next house, this only adds more work with very little pay off.

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Homeschooling vs. School At Home

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Homeschooling has become a viable option for many parents seeking to expand and improve their child’s educational experience. The public and private school systems are limited, for practical reasons, as to how far they can go to meet a particular child’s educational needs. With homeschooling, on the other hand, the entire process is geared towards your child in a one-on-one manner. You can create a particular curriculum suited to your child, and teach in a way works best for … read more

ARK Making Your Carpets Last

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Carpet is an expensive investment. Learn how to care for carpeting and make it last longer.

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Carpet is an extremely expensive investment to make. You can spend thousands of dollars to re-carpet even an average sized house. Besides money, you will also spend lots of time choosing the right kind of carpet and the perfect color but how much time have you spent to make sure that it lasts. This article contains a few tips to help you make your rugs last.
The single most important thing you can do to make your carpeting last is vacuum it on a regular basis. This is also probably the most neglected step in carpet care. By vacuuming your carpet, you will be removing dangerous soil from your rugs. Soil that would otherwise wear and abrade the carpet fibers every time you step on it. If you do nothing else to increase your carpet life, vacuum.
Another great way to protect your carpeting is to place entry rugs wherever your carpet meets hard surface. This will give your family and friends a place to transfer soil to before they walk on your rugs. Place the rugs on the hard surface and not the carpet. if you place it on the carpeting, you might get a soil line around it.
A third method of protecting your carpet is to rearrange the furniture often. it is not as easy as the other methods but it pays big dividends. By moving furniture around you change the way traffic flows through the room. This keeps you and your family from wearing out the same exact area of carpet. You instead spread the wear around.
Lastly, have your carpet cleaned often. Do not wait until it is too dirty to look at any more. Set yourself up on a cleaning schedule where you clean it at regular intervals. If you wait too long, stains will set in and your carpet will become irreversibly worn.
These may seem like small things for you to do but they can greatly improve the lifespan of your carpet. So take the time to take care of your carpet and you will get years of enjoyment out of it. read more

ARK Colorado River Blinds  Vinyl Vertical Blinds With A Difference

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Colorado River blinds, for light, shade, privacy and good looks

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Colorado River Blinds offers a wide selection of window blinds and shades. Whether you want vinyl vertical blinds, shutter blinds or wood blinds, Colorado River Blinds has the blinds and colors that you want. If you are not sure exactly what you want, you can visit the design center at the companys website to see how different types of blinds are best suited for different rooms. For a room where you spend a lot of time, choose transparent Colorado River blinds that will let light through, yet give you the shade and privacy that you need. read more

The History Of Rugs

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The history of rugs is quite amazing. The weaving of rugs and carpets dates back to at least 500 BC. Rugs are made by weaving, at least this is how they started making rugs. Weaving is nothing new, our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years. The first weaving that was done was to make baskets. They made baskets out of anything that was pliable, leaves, grass, twigs and whatever materials could be found at the time. read more

DPC Furniture Fixes On A Dime!

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Furniture is our most costly home decorating expense, but there are many ways to make your furniture the star of the show, without breaking your budget! Here are my top 5 furniture fixes on a dime!

*Paint. Ok, thats an obvious one, but did you know you can paint anything these days? Yes, even that hideous laminate bookcase from 1974. All you need is a primer made specially for non porous surfaces. I recommend Kilz Original or BIN primer. A coat or two of good primer, and … read more

The Hidden Costs Of Picture Frames

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This may come as a surprise to you, but I love picture frames. Anything that can take an ordinary picture and make it look like it’s worth 10 times it’s true value is a powerful thing. Some people spend their entire lives collecting awards, degrees, and family photos only to have them rot away in their basements collecting dust. Are you one of those people? I didn’t think so.

Having the right frame around a picture, degree, or award can make a world of difference and can … read more

DDW Dangers Of Outdoor Fireplaces

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The idea of having a fireplace in the backyard has become quite popular over the years. Like an indoor fireplace, it includes a chimney and is surrounded by brick or stones. Outdoor fireplaces are usually built into or against a wall, and though this is the most expensive method, the price will depend on your choice of design: a ready built unit or decide to have one custom built. No matter which way you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere between just a few thousand dolla… read more

ARK Making your apartment furniture livable

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The best place to buy apartment furniture is online. This comes in handy because you can read the measurements of the apartment furniture you want to buy and see if it will work in the confines of your home.

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Whenever you move in to a new apartment you want to make sure that you have good apartment furniture that fits your surroundings and your lifestyle. It is key to have enough seating for however many guests you are going to have over. It is key to have enough seating for however many guests you are going to have over. read more