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title:Homeschooling Outside The Box
author:Michael Sakowski
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

My 12 year old son is creative and intelligent. He can compose artistic and written works at a level beyond that of many his age. So why can he be so difficult to teach? When using standard curriculum, it can be like pulling teeth to get him to do anything more than the absolute minimum. He races through the lessons, obtaining grades far lower than he is capable of getting, or he easily gets distracted and drags his feet, taking hours to complete what should take minutes. Read on to see how I confronted these problems.
When I took over home schooling my then 10 year old son, I used the traditional curriculum that he had been using previously with his mother. Some of the curriculum worked fine (we still use the Saxon math series) but other traditional home school curriculum just seemed to bring out the worst in my child. He would easily get bored. He would lose focus and often get distracted. After half a year, I started searching for alternatives. When I found new materials, For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. I included my son on the decision making process. He seemed to take a lot more ownership as a result, even though I still had the final say in what what curriculum we finally used. Some of the things we do are listed below.
We use a science encyclopedia purchased at Sam’s Club for science. Why? Of all the books we looked at it was the best text in terms of explaining concepts and relating them to real world phenomena (even though it wasn’t meant to be a school text). We sit down together and read several pages of this science encyclopedia on a concept. Then, I have my son write a 100 word report. He then edits the report and we work on sentence composition. At the end of the term, we print out all the articles to make a 15 page report. In addition to the reports, we do related science experiments together and some of the younger siblings join in. My son loves science!
My son and his younger brother are taught history by my retired father-in-law (who happens to have a major in history). My father-in-law makes use of his library of books and tapes and records history specials for the boys to watch. Now, my boys and I sit down together at night to watch the evening news – this I believe, is a result of their grandfather discussing current events with them. There is no comparing either of my sons’ current enthusiasm for history with the drudgery of plowing through a traditional school history text the way we used to do.
In addition to completing lessons in english and grammar from a traditional school text, I encourage my son to do some creative writing. He started writing his own kids novel which he has now nearly finished. He is writing some pretty silly stuff which would not be standard fare for any of the english curricula I have seen. But he is writing. In fact he is writing a lot! In 3 months from the time he started writing this novel I have noticed a marked improvement in his writing. When my son’s book is completed, I will publish it online and also have a friend that owns book binding equipment bind up some copies for our family and friends.
In summary, don’t let yourself become boxed in with traditional home school curriculum. There are educational resources all around us if we look hard enough. You don’t have to use a “school” text. Look on your book shelves or go to a local second-hand book store to find books that might serve as good texts. Involve your child in the decision making process. Borrow some materials from your home schooling friends and review the books with your child. Use what will work for both you and your child. Utilize any and all available resources and above all, have fun as you and your child learn!
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STCS Easy Access Showers for the elderly

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Useful information on showers for the elderly and disabled.

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Easy Access Showers.

Easy access showers are specifically designed to aids those with mobility problems. Being able to bath yourself is one on the most important factors in retaining your independence and with a shower specifically designed to aid you in this your independence can be regained.
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STCS Dust Collection: Is It Your Concern?

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As a woodworker, you have a desire to create beautiful works of art. Probably one of the last things you want to think about is dust collection. But, this is a potentially important aspect for you to think about. Dust collection is a necessary part of a woodworkers life. Without it, you may be facing a lot of time dealing with a mess, an itchy rash or just the annoyance of it all. But, by taking advantage of the purchase of a dust collection network, you can minimize all of … read more


title:Homeschooling Laws
author:Tuscan Brittney
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Many parents, for many different reasons, make the resolution to homeschool their children. Homeschooling allows for a particular educational experience designed to suit your child’s specific requirements, and in many cases goes above and beyond what can be achieved in a community or private school system. If you make the decision to homeschool your young ones, it is important that you do so legally, and recognize the laws in your area. It is absolutely critical that you do this, because if you fail to meet legal requirements when homeschooling your children you will inadvertently rob your children of postsecondary scholastic opportunities.
Homeschooling laws vary from state to state, so you have to look up the particular laws in your own state. The basis of state laws on homeschooling is the consequence of truancy laws that require children to attend school. The essential idea is that these laws exist to determine a homeschooled child from a child that is merely not going to school, which is of course against the law. Generally, states will demand that you submit a “notice of intent” to homeschool your children before the upcoming academic year, and the state will then reply with the suitable paperwork for you to fill out.
Besides familiarizing yourself with the specific laws of your state you should also consult with a homeschooling organization for advice. In some cases parents will be dealing with school officials who want to discourage them from homeschooling, and in these situations it is critical that you comprehend your rights. In the state of New York, for example, parents are not required to meet with school officials. School officials may request a meeting with the parents in order to discuss homeschooling, but the state may not revoke the right to homeschool if the parents decline this meeting.
It is also required that your child take standardized tests. This is so the state can legally allocate your child to a given grade level. The laws vary from state to state but in most cases you will have a certain amount of elbow-room in non-standardized tests. New York allows for non-standard tests every alternate year between grades 4 and 8, for example.
Although it may seem intimidating at first, homeschooling your children legally is fundamentally not that complex. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. You just have to make sure that you follow every step, and don’t leave out any paperwork. While some state restrictions or rules may seem needless or cumbersome, in the long run you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches if you fill everything in properly and on time.
The best thing you can do when you begin to homeschool your children is to consult with other homeschooling parents and advocacy groups. Looking up legal vernacular online can be confusing, but any homeschooling group will give you solid, plain-English advice on how to properly and legally set up homeschooling for your children. Remember: it’s impossible to overestimate the value of studying your state laws in regards to homeschooling – if you overlook or violate any of them, you could lose your right to homeschool altogether.
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STCS Dupont Laminate Flooring  Get All The Information That You Need Right Here

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Dupont laminate flooring is very versatile, you can install it over just about anything

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title:Homeschooling For Your Convenience
author:James Masters
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Homeschooling is an alternative form of education that is fast growing. There are approximately two million people in the country today that undergo homeschooling. It completely fills up the role of institutional learning. In homeschooling, both parents and their children determine the extent of their learning.
Everybody can avail of homeschooling. All fifty states legally approve the practice of homeschooling. What differs from state to state are the laws governing the homeschooling program. Homeschooling can be very convenient for single parents who run a home business. They can have their kids to help them as well. Children of disabled parents can be tapped to take on a medical profession or one that involves social services.
Homeschooling should not be confused with home study or other forms of home-based education. In the latter, the parents and children do not have a say on the content of the curriculum. Examples of these are independent school programs. Home study is usually offered to those kids who for some valid reason could not attend school, say injury.
There is not much requirement for one to administer homeschooling. Some states do not even require a highschool diploma from the parents. There is however, one state which requires some training program for homeschooling before allowing a person to conduct it at home.
Homeschooling is preferred over institutional learning for various reasons. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Some find the school curriculum questionable. Some parents think that schools cannot provide enough training to optimize the skills and talents of their children. Some are simply concerned with the issues regarding the safety and security within their local schools. Some children just do not fit in school so parents resort to homeschooling for their kids.
Not much is needed to enable one to administer homeschooling. Even simple household stuff or even pets can be used to demonstrate scientific concepts. One can also borrow tools from friends and neighbors. Books at home can also be great learning materials. If they are not sufficient, the bookstore and the public library are the best sources of knowledge as well as the internet.
If still clueless about the concept, there are many organizations, websites and publications which can help enlighten about homeschooling and offer great help along the process. The library is also one of the best resources for wealth of knowledge as well as the local museums.
Homeschooling can be a very rewarding experience for the family. It provides for more precious time for bonding. It is not necessary for parents to be geniuses to become homeschooling teachers. All they need to have is resourcefulness to find ways to answer their children’s questions.
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STCS Dunk Tanks

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Dunk tanks, also referred to as dunking tanks or dunk booths, are acrylic stands holding a large amount of water, above which there is a seat. Dunk tanks are major attractions in fairs, festivals, air shows, music festivals, fundraisers, and personal parties. This is an arrangement used for playing a type of ball game, which is the ultimate amusement for generating high income at carnivals. Near the tank is a bulls-eye style target, connected to the seat in the dunk tank. read more


History Lesson – Thinking Of Others

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There are some old sayings that can be traced back to the Bible and the Golden Rule: It is far better to give something or yourself to others than to get something from them. And also, we must always do unto others just as we would like them to do unto us.

That’s not the rules we usually live by today. Today we live in a cutthroat world where we strive for personal achievement by acting on our own ambitions. We worship financial success and put ourselves first most of the … read more


title:Higher Education: Finding The Right Co
llege For You
author:Sintilia Miecevole
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

If you are approaching the end of high school and are ready to begin investigating colleges, there are several factors to consider before deciding what college is right for you. Whether you want to study medicine or painting, accounting or physical education, there are hundreds of colleges to choose from, each with their own specialized programs of study. Narrowing down your options can be a challenging task, but it is important to make an informed choice about where to continue your education.
When you are deciding which schools to which you would like to apply, you should first assess your chances of being accepted. If you are a C student with average test scores and no extra-curricular activities, you might not want to put all of your application eggs in one Ivy League basket. However, if you can afford to, you should always apply to the school of your dreams on the off chance that it just might come through for you. If you don’t try, you will never know whether or not you could have gotten in.
If you have made straight A’s throughout high school, have high SAFor the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. T and ACT test scores and have participated in a wide variety of activities, you have high chances of getting into any school of your choice. Even if you have very limited finances to work with, you should still apply to your top choices. If you are accepted, you may be able to receive scholarships and financial aid, and you always have the option to take out student loans.
When it comes down to narrowing your choices, size is a very important thing to consider. Some people like extremely large universities with tens of thousands of students. However, others enjoy the comfort of a small campus with as few as several hundred students. There are also a variety of colleges that lie in between these two options. Though it is hard to know before you get there, you probably have a good idea of your general preferences regarding school size, and this will help you focus your search.
You should also consider whether you would like to go to a private or a public school. Private schools are typically more expensive, but some are also more prestigious. Private religiously-based schools are also an option. Virtually every faith runs at least on college in the United States, and most have several to choose from. If you would rather stick to secular schooling, state-supported schools are often your best financial deal. These schools receive support from the government, in addition to private funding, so they are typically less expensive and more able to offer larger financial aid packages.
Location is also an important factor to consider when you are choosing a college. Think about how close or how far away you would like to be from where you grew up. If you want to be within a day’s drive of home, consider local and regional schools. However, if you are looking for a cross-country adventure, you might consider schools in far away states or even consider studying abroad. Some fields of study are better suited to certain geographic locations, as well. For instance, artists can get a real-life education in New York City, whereas actors might consider schooling in California. If marine biology is your chosen field of study, a college with an aquatic location would obviously be the best choice. Geologists often flock to the southwest, and environmentalists often seek education in the northeast. You should consider both personal your climate preferences and your career goals when you are choosing a college location.
Though choosing a college can be stressful, it can also be fun. Remember that college is just the first step on your professional journey, and you will most likely change majors, interests, and possibly even change colleges before you finish your undergraduate degree. So, make a wise and informed choice with the knowledge that you will probably change your mind several times before it is all said and done.
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STCS Drywall, A Common And Very Important Building Material

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We have all probably used drywall at one time or another in our lives and we know what it takes to finish the stuff even if we have never touched. We know that it goes on all inside walls and that it wont hold heavier hangings like shelves and large pictures and so we need to find the studs beneath. We may have also had experience repairing a hole that was intentionally or unintentionally placed in a wall. Plaster work is definitely something that takes practice but thankful… read more