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EKCS 5 steps to complete a successful ceramic tile installation

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Laying ceramic tiles is simple if you have the right guidance. If laying ceramic tiles is totally new to you, ‘5 Steps to complete a successful ceramic tile installation’ is a set of basic but important tips that you will help you avoid making costly mistakes on your next bathroom or ceramic tile installation.

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Bad Breath Prevention

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How will y
ou feel if your sweetheart will refuse a kiss at the end of a day? We all get up in the morning with an awful smelly bad breath. Most of us solve this problem by simply brushing their teeth, but for the rest, unlucky ten percent of the population, the smell stays all day long. In this article I will give you the short story of my bad breath problem and the solution I have found.

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STCS Choosing The Right Cabinet For Your Needs

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Cabinets are essentials tools to any household of office. These facilitate organizing materials, files, documents and other things that have to be kept for storage, reference or future use.

While the design of the cabinets, particularly for a house, is of great importance, there are also other things that need to be considered before buying one or having one custom-made to your specifications.

* Size

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title:Bachelor Degrees, Online?
author:Sandy Baker
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Should you get your bachelor degree online? For many people this would seem hard to do. Depending on the field of study that you plan to get, it can be actually quite welcoming and a great way to get in the education that you have always wanted. Sure, it isn’t easy but neither is college for that matter. The online bachelor degree programs are a good way for many to get the education that they need without having to get into a college that is set up traditionally.
There are many programs that are offered through online bachelor degrees. If you would like to know if any of the programs or classes that you need to take are available to you on the web, all you need to do is to log on to any of the various online schools and find out. This level of education that the bachelor degree is one that is advanced and will require much learning.
One of the aspects of online education that people do not understand is how you get the hands-on training that many fields require. While you may or may not need this in the bachelor degrees that you plan to get, you will find that information about this is easy to find at the online university’s websites. In most cases, the online universities will work with area schools, offices, or establishments to allow you to get your lab time in. This is convenient and affordable as well especially useful when you consider you will be meeting some of the people that you may work with once you get your bachelor degree.
You will benefit from leaning more about the online bachelor degree that you are after. You can easily find online colleges that offer the education that you are after in an online manner. See what they are, what their classes will include and find out just how well they will work for you. The online bachelor degrees that are offered are pretty wide-ranged too!
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EKCS 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Since the day robotic vacuums were introduced, household cleaning has never been the same. Due to its sleek design and advanced technological concept, people are hitting the market to purchase their own robotic vacuum cleaner. But is the device it worth it? Check out the most common reasons why you yourself should consider getting your own robot vacuum cleaner.

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STCS Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

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During the hot summer afternoons and warm muggy nights, an air conditioner can help to keep us cool and improve our ability to deal with extreme heat. Just as a heating unit provides a customized temperature, an air conditioner can be controlled to maintain a comfortable temperature of our choosing.

If you have a small home or find that one room is particularly hot, then a single room air conditioner may be the answer for you. These units are portable, meaning they can be … read more

EKCS 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

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Not all hardwood flooring types are the same and choosing hardwood options is no small decision. Typically, most people think of oak, maple or cherry hardwood first. But consider bamboo flooring and why bamboo is one of the best hardwood flooring choices available today.

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title:A Short
Comparison Of Public Speaking Schools Of Thought: Toastmasters & Carnegie
author:James Masterson
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

As everybody will certainly agree that having the confidence to speak publicly is a valuable skill, there is much debate as to which technique of public speaking is the most effective.
Currently, the most recognized public speaking associations are Toastmasters International and the Dale Carnegie Course.
Toastmasters International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the principles of communication, public speaking and leadership skills. It achieves this by promoting a “learning-by-doing” program in which members move up by making presentations in the presence of certified examiners.
The For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Dale Carnegie course is a program for self-improvement in which the emphasis is to be able to get the message across to the audience utilizing the speaker’s naturalness. There are fewer rules and lots of practice sessions. The course consists of twelve evening sessions; all participants are required to present a short speech.
Toastmasters Pros
Toastmasters certainly makes everything clear-cut when it comes to passing the exams. Each member is provided with a Communication and Leadership Manual containing ten speech projects the member has to fulfill. Members will then be evaluated and his speech criticized according to a set of rules.
When the member completes these projects, he is recognized to have achieved a level of competence. Advanced projects are also available after the “basics” are done to move the member up some more.
Members are encouraged to frequently attend meetings and enjoy a sense of camaraderie with fellow members.
Toastmasters Cons
The Toastmasters system seems to not be suited for people who wish to speak well but would like to retain their informality as speakers. For example: Fillers, the areas in a speech when a speaker pauses and makes an involuntary sound like “uhm” and “ah”, is a very human habit and is considered an area for improvement in Toastmasters.
The ranking system, though effective to show where the members stand, can also deter people from joining due to the perceived “elitist” nature of the ranking system.
Carnegie Pros
The course encourages the participant to use what works for him to an extent. The rules are few but fundamental. Fillers are acceptable as long as they do not distract the audience from the speech.
There are facilitators but there is no certified examiner. All participants in the session are asked to give their opinion about the speech in their terms. Some would consider Carnegie a course to understand the target audience whether it is laymen or intellectuals.
Carnegie has a positive perception with many businesses.
Carnegie Cons
The Carnegie system has been criticized by some that the time spent in particularly large classes is wasted waiting for others to finish their speeches. Some feel that this time would be better spent having two or three speeches in one night instead.
This goes to show that there are many systems to choose from but only one goal in public speaking. That is to get the message across in a manner that does not hinder the speaker.
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STCS Choosing The Right Air Mattress For Your Needs

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An air mattress is an inflatable mattress, usually made of plastic or textile-reinforced plastic or rubber. The deflated mattress can be rolled up and carried or stored relatively easily, making air mattresses a popular choice for camping trips and for temporary bedding at home for guests.

They are inflated either orally, by blowing into a valve, or with a manual, foot-powered or electric pump. Traditional mattresses sizes are available  twin, full, queen, king, etc.  an… read more



A short biography of some of Europe’s most loved and hated Monarchs – Pt 3 King George II

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During the last thousand years, European Monarchs have ruled Europe and the world with an iron fist and by fear, compassion and hatred. As their wealth grew from the riches of newly conquered continents and lands, they began building some of the worlds greatest castles as a sign of their status and wealth, leaving behind a legacy of beauty and splendor that has lasted well into the 21st century. read more